Guide to Bike Culture

Bike Hugger’s Guide to Bike Culture was presented during the Best of Ignite Seattle session @Gnomedex 09. Complied with Mark V, Frank Steele, Jason Swihart, and David Schloss. Thank you to Brady Forrest for inviting me to present it.


Note the guide isn’t complete. The Ignite format is 20 slides, every 15 seconds, for a total of 5 minutes. The extended, remix version would include slides like

  • Freeriders – would be faster if their clothes were tighter
  • Cross Racers – hirsute, superfit badasses, punish road weanies
  • Poseurs – into the scene, but don’t ride

and so on. Also note to avoid sexism at male-dominated geek conferences, we left out slides featuring well-heeled, attractive European women riding around Denmark or Seattle or Austin.

The intent of the guide is humorous and we kept it tame for the fun of it. Wide-ranging, Cultural Snark is in Bike Snob’s kitchen, and his seal of disapproval.

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