Grit and Borrow A Bike

We went to Denver over the holidays and although I used to keep a bike to ride when I was working there regularly, I decided to use it as my rain bike in Seattle. So it is always with some remorse that I travel to Denver for more than 3 days. I’m not big on spin classes although I have done some killer ones in Boulder, but Denver? The mountains beckon and I just want a real bike to ride.

Our IT guy, Brad was the one who introduced me to biking and I have borrowed his wife Pam’s bike in Europe before. But her Denver bike is special, the frame was one of two prototypes for a steel version of the ‘queen of the road’ – the racing road bike frame that was made by Wylder- the Juli Furtado women’s bike company. When they went out of business they sold off the prototypes and Brad got Pam the blue one. The frames were made in Italy. Its also got women-specific handlebars, brake levers and a Wylder saddle. it really seems to fit Pam perfectly. Would she loan it to me? I had to ask. She said she would.

Oh this bike. WAS. A. DREAM. The handling was amazing, it was both responsive and fast. I couldn’t believe I was riding a steel frame, it was smoother than my titanium. I took it out into the wind, up over a few hills and never looked back.

Training away from home isn’t always easy. But this ride was the highlight of my trip to Denver. Thanks Pam! Next time you are somewhere and you want to see the scenery, or keep your training up, rent or borrow a bike, there are plenty to be had and you won’t regret the trouble you went to keeping your training consistent once race season begins.

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