Gringo Discovers a New Burrito

burrito good

As a Burrito Connoisseur, this one was entirely different and discovered in a strip-mall, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, I discovered near Seatac. I walked in and the whole place turned around like, “whoa, a Gringo.” Gringo indeed and the place is called Cemita Poblana near SeaTac. They were all eating sandwiches, I ordered this Spicy Pork burrito and it was saucy with thick slices of avocado, mozzarella-like slices of cheese, lettuce, and rice.

I wasn’t sure what region this style of cooking is from, but damn it was different and good. Where the skinny climbers crave rice cakes when out riding big miles, for me it’s nachos, burritos, and now I’m very curious about Mexican sandwiches.

Ordering one of those next time. As Jose Texidor told me on G+.

Cemitas are similar to tortas (mexican sandwiches). The region is the state of Puebla, Mexico. That’s were “Mole Poblano” sauce comes from.

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