Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Note: An aside from the bike posts for some humor and thanks to long-time, good friend Zeldman for the link. I’ve been chuckling all morning.

From Love Letters section comes Allergic to “grilled cheese”, a euphemism for ya know …

“I am a 30 Year old male. I have been dating a wonderful woman for 2.5 years. I would describe everything about her as perfect except for one thing. She absolutely refuses to make me a grilled cheese sandwich.”

“I absolutely detest making grilled cheese. My husband enjoys it, so from time to time, I put his needs first and make him the best darn grilled cheese I can – no halfhearted ‘are we there yet’”

“or else you end up in a Hugh Grant situation and nobody wants that.”

“I, on the other hand, got used to having grilled cheese sandwiches made for me on a daily basis for over five years. Then I married the cook and it became a special occasion treat for the first year.”

“Are you serving her grilled cheese sandwiches? I dated a guy who loved my grilled cheese sandwiches but would never serve one to me.”


Photo: adwriter

Maybe we’ll see the start of a new catchphrase here, “Doesn’t Grill My Cheese” as the new “Needs more cowbell.” Also note that bonking, a euphemism we use here in the States, means something totally different elsewhere. A former boss of mine used to call it, “going to Tukwila” (a Seattle suburb), which still cracks me up.

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