Grifo Stretching on a Cole Wheel

Grifo Stretching on a Cole

Challenge Grifo on a demo set of Cole wheels

This corner of Hugga HQ has become the “Zen Stretch Area” with a Buddha statue observing. I like the calmness before all hell breaks loose on those wheels at the next race. We’re getting ready for the rains and mud in Seattle.

Power through the Mud

Andrew at Monroe farms

You stretch a tubular (a tire with a tube inside of it) to ensure a good glueing on the rim. Tubulars permit low pressures, like 28 psi and are less prone to flatting. They also have cool Euro names like “grifo.” The Coles with the Grifos are going on the Parlee CX H. When you get just a bit more serious about Cross racing, you’ll have a quiver of wheels for different conditions and spares.

See all the wheels and bikes in the pits at the USGP in Portland last year.

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