Green River Killer Ride with Climb

A favorite route of mine is from Alki to Kent, along the Green River and back. The route meanders more than in the past because of flood control along the Duwamish and Green Rivers. To avoid all the water barriers, we just ride the Interurban Trail now. Yeah for Rails to Trails, but that stretch of the ride can get mind numbing with electrical towers instead of trees.

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New Little Euro Climb

Saturday Stealth Training

Where it gets interesting is the climb at 47.354321,-122.205563. That’s a paved goat trail with mossy corners, switchbacks, and pitches with about 500 feet of elevation. As you crest the top, look to the left, and see SE 277th.

Entrance to the Climb

Entrance to New Little Euro

Steep Section

Steep section

After the climb proceed to Auburn and back. We call the climb New Little Euro because there’s another Little Euro climb on the other side of the valley and the topic of another post. We imagine as we’re climbing these, that’s what the roads are like in Europe.


  • I recorded the ride with the iBike Dash and ran out of battery in the last hour. The actual distance and time is: 70 miles; 4:15. We rode this steady tempo.

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