Green Guru Waistpack Available at REI

Colorado-based eco-friendly outdoor brand collaborates with industry leaders to bring the sustainably-made Tripster to market.  A Green Guru Waistpack Available at REI is great news for cyclists. Also, shoppers who prefer upcycled materials and working with co-ops.

A Green Guru pouch travels with me wherever I go on the bike. In it are my keys, credit card, and a bit of paper money.

At its roots, Mountainsmith is a fanny pack expert that cares deeply about our environment,” says Torie Palffy, marketing manager at Mountainsmith. “Green Guru, a fellow Colorado-based brand, is arguably the best in the industry at turning upcycled goods into cool, functional gear, while REI provides consumers with locations across the country to recycle various materials. Mountainsmith handled the design aspect of this project, and together we created a truly unique, sustainably sourced product that we are incredibly proud of.

Each Tripster pack involves all three companies. REI Co-op members drop off old bike tubes and climbing rope at REI, Green Guru takes those recyclables, as well as other excess materials from around the industry, and turns them into pack material. Green Guru then employs Mountainsmith’s expertise in waist pack design to build each pack at its manufacturing facility in Colorado. Each pack is constructed with different upcycled materials, so each piece is unique in its own way and features different colors, patterns and prints.

Find the Tripster at REI for $44.95.

Green Guru Waistpack Available at REI Features

  • Green Guru sourced tent and canopy fabric, REI provided tubes. Climbing rope and Mountainsmith designed a pack you’ll love to wear
  • Fabric colors and patterns will vary.
  • Base is made from durable, waterproof upcycled bike tube rubber from members.
  • Lash tab made from upcycled bike tube material hints at rugged origins
    Double zipper on main compartment.
  • Stylish design from Colorado.

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