Grease Monkey Wipes on SharkTank

Grease Monkey Wipes are going to appear on the ABC Reality TV show Shark Tank next week.

on Friday January 15, 2010 at 9:00 pm EST/8:00 pm CST, Grease Monkey Wipes will be featured on the Mark Burnett produced reality TV show Shark Tank on ABC.

Grease Monkey Wipes are citrus cleaning wipes that use an all natural degreaser for heavy duty cleaning. We keep a pack of them in our Saddlebag for the winter tire changes.

Before Grease Monkey Wipes One

After Grease Monkey Wipes Two

Also travel with them for the times when you drop your chain on a hotel floor while assembling a bike and a blackened spot of goo stares back at you.

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Also works on removing the chainring tattoo from your calf …

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