Godspeed: The Race Across America

Set to release nationwide via Fathom Events on May 22 in more than 600 movie theaters, Godspeed – The Race Across America is a riveting documentary featuring two cyclists on their quest to win the 2015 Race Across America.

Overcoming the hardship of the 3000 mile race, the pair helped raise more than $50,000 for the orphans of Haiti via Building Hope International.

The trek Jerry Schemmel and Brad Cooper make is across 12 states from the Pacific to Atlantic Oceans. The documentary chronicles this first-time racing duo as they compete in RAAM for 24 hours a day covering miles of deserts, mountains and plains, to overcome physical exhaustion and sleep deprivation.

To see if the documentary is playing near you, check the show times on the Godspeed site. And, follow along on their Twitter and Facebook.

A race of this sort never interested me, touring does, but by watching the trailer I can tell it’s riveting, about a personal calling, and overcoming.

And, if you think their feat of strength was great, see what John Spurgeon did on a single speed. Also read about the Race Across Oregon, which is far more manageable, while every bit as hard.

The basic plan for most 4-person relay teams is to have two large vehicles (SUVs or minivans), with racers #1 and #3 in one vehicle and racers #2 and #4 in the other. Ideally the team is making forward progress at all times, and each vehicle alternates having a racer on course.

Finally, Team Type 1 and Team Type 2 did it in 2009

Both teams made it across the country, and that feat hasn’t been lost on the media. The New York Times just picked up the story in its Health section (registration required), and the piece is a nice look at the challenges faced when racing across the country while bravely managing a disease.


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