Go Vino GO!


Vino Wins!

Photo: Graham Watson

Vino’s fists punctuate his win and our point this year about professional bike racing. No race radios messes up strategy, especially with teams that are scripted. Used to a director GPS, live TV, and a spreadsheet with the gaps yelling in their ear, they paused, sat up, didn’t work together and Vino just went. That win is what Vino lives for and letting him go was a huge mistake. NBC’s coverage is being criticized again and confusing with an hour delay. Also there were no time splits being reported. It was a chaotic to watch, follow, and report.

Best race we’ve seen all year! The Vancouver Sun interviewed Ryder Hesjedal after the race. His quotes indicate what it was like out on the road, after Team GB set a blistering pace

It’s not like a video game — you don’t just push a button and say I want to go in the front more

and with large, yelling crowds

This race is so different, guys can get away, camouflaged by how many people there are,” Fraser said. There’s sensory overload.

With their sensors overloaded, confused and not knowing what’s going on, Vino just went.

That’s what he does and now has a gold medal around his neck. The bike he’s on is a Tarmac SL4 – rode one of those a couple weeks ago at the Specialized Global Product Launch. Got going pretty good on the descent and grinded back up the climb.


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