Glass, SRAM, Sun!



Picked up Google Glass on Monday, then spent Tuesday at SRAM’s new Development Center building up my Davidson Hotspur with SRAM Red 22 HRR. That’s the hydraulic rim brake version of 11-speed. You can follow how that event unfolded on G+, where I uploaded photos on-the-fly from Glass. Reviews and opinion are all forthcoming, of course. A recap from the Bicycle Urbanism Symposium too and hey we just launched a magazine! Our next issue is being worked on now.


A clear mountain view

Now that the sun is out in Seattle, even more riding than usual is planned. I was reminded of how beautiful this place is just before the plane landed at Seatac last night.

google bike

First bike I shot with Glass was a Google one.

Enjoy the 4th and the Tour.

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