Giant Concept Stores



The center of gravity in Taipei is 101. That’s an architectural centerpiece, the shopping and business district. I was walking off the jet lag before testing a burrito at Bar-Rito and saw this mechanic wearing a giant tool belt.

tool belt

Giant Tool Belt filled with tools

He works at Giant store and his job is to make sure your new bike is in working order. He’s got everything in that belt to do so. A few hours earlier we talked about concept stores on the Spokesmen. Giant stores are like 7-Elevens in urban areas. They’re less a concept here, more a convenience, and damn do I want that belt. The States could benefit from stores like that too.

Giant Tool Bar front

Front view

Oh and that burrito was weird: Oddly ginger spiced with beans squeezed from a tube like cheez-whiz.

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