Garmin 705 Update Fixes Boo-Boos

The Garmin 705 has just gotten a big update, with the Firmware bumped to up to 2.8. This big update fixes lots of things, including the recent bug where the history folder became unreadable. The update is so large, in fact that it wipes all of the data off of the device, so be sure to back up your Garmin before giving the 2.8 update a whirl. Also be sure your batteries are fully charged–if the battery dies when the unit is rebooted after the install, you’ve got a nice paperweight on your hands.

Luckily the reboot only takes a moment, so it’s not a big issue. They must have really tweaked the satellite lock as well, my 705 powered on and locked onto five satellites from inside my house in about ten seconds, after last being used 350 miles away from here.

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