Along with every other early adopter, we’re trying to figure out G+. This week, as Gwen Stefani said, “this shit is bananas.” Better yet, homegirl @Xenijardin noticed Retweet

On another note, we at @BoingBoing are already finding G+ to be a significant source of traffic referral. Shocking given how new & beta.

It is, even though I said after my first use

How do you even know what you’re doing on there? Like a bunch of stuff to do without an indicator of what it means.

Incredibly-long comment threads about various topics are happening and all our old friends are showing up. It’s microblogging without character limits and inline comments that you can share in various concentric circles or publicly. Add group chat, group video chat, and a topic-based headline reader and you’ve got G+. I’lll leave it to sociologists to best determine why people would leave Facebook for it or make choices between Twitter et al.

What I do know is there’s another Bike Hugger channel on the web now. Next is what to do with your business there and we’ll figure that out as well.

Until then, we posted a G+ Cyclists Roll call and the responses keep coming in.

Add me +Byron and tell me what you think.

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