Frustrating Convo with Cleverbot about the Bike

A bot that doesn’t know bikes

Had this Frustrating Convo with Cleverbot about the bike this morning.

User: I like to ride bikes.

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Cleverbot: You like to ride pigs.

User: No I like to ride bikes.

Cleverbot: I like to watch true blood.

User: Huh, but what about bikes?

Cleverbot: You’re cool.

User: So the bicycle? You know what that is?

Cleverbot: It is subjective.

User: Right. I see. The Giro? Heard of it?

Cleverbot: I live in it.

Cleverbot is a chat bot that runs off of the millions of conversations it’s had with humans. You talk to it and it looks in a database for the best response. Surprisingly Cleverbot has a lack of awareness about the bike and most certainly does NOT live in the Giro.

I suggest you help the bot by talking to it about your bike, where you ride, maybe Bike to Work month too.

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