From the Bike Shop: Devo & the Smart Patrol

Devo on iPod

Now that Seattle Bike Expo is over, I can get back to being the audio dictator at the shop. Everyday I bring in my battered 2nd-gen iPod and set it on a greasy iPod dock. In this building that was a livery stable a hundred years ago, the tuner/amplifier drives the two speaker towers I’ve hoisted into the rafters, and a powered subwoofer sits directly atop the restroom hutch. A snippet of electrical tape next to the volume knob serves two purposes: it eliminates the possibility of blowing out another speaker tower from a burst of static at plug in and defines the business hours volume limit. Louder than that, the music interferes with phone conversations on the far side of the building, and the subwoofer shakes the restroom like Boeing 707 flying low over a tin-roof shack.

Stereo at work

Stereo at work /

devoteam.jpg image from Pacific Pedaling

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