Freedom Riders Debuts At Sea Otter

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Planning to hit Sea Otter this weekend? If you are, check out the new movie debut of Freedom Riders, a documentary mountain biking film that looks as if it will be an interesting departure from the normal “jump my bike off a cliff” flick that so often premieres at bike festivals.

According to the press release:

Freedom Riders is the Dogtown and Z Boys of mountain biking. The film artistically captures the evolution of freeriding from stealth trail building to forging a working relationship with the U.S. Forest Service to establish the first-ever downhill specific trail in Forest Service history in the Teton Pass area of Wyoming. The film showcases the freeriding subculture in North America from where it was to where it is now by highlighting how the sport has obtained its legitimacy in the public eye. The film will also feature an original soundtrack by Grammy Award nominee Luke Reynolds.

Freedom Riders will debut at the Embassy Suites in Seaside from 7-10pm on April 18th at the IMBA California Benefit Party. Proceeds go to IMBA and a raffle will be chock full of goodies from Crank Brothers, CamelBak, Yakima, Gu and more. If that’s not enough to solidify your plans for Saturday, there’s also free food and beer.

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