FoundGnome Judges Your Finds

Besides Cyber Monday, WikiLeaks giving the Department of State a lump of diplomatic coal, and the end of cyclocross season, it’s our Holiday Party this week. On Wednesday at Elliott Bay Bicycles starting at 6:30 PM, we’ll have:

  • Schwag
  • Raffle
  • Bike Hugger Gear deals
  • Games
  • Davidson frame shop tours
  • Beer.

Remember to bring in your best Bicycle Roadside Find and Bright bike to win prizes.


Our best roadside find is this Garden Gnome with the black eyed peeps. Creeps the squirrels right out; though, the slugs don’t care at all.

Work from Home Deals

Best Roadside Find

FoundGnome is considered the champion of finds, the standard by which we judge finds (we also fear him and often wonder why WE had to find him). We’ve heard of XBoxes being found, vintage porn stashes, and have found 4 phones ourselves. What have you found that’ll win? Maybe a bra on a fire hydrant?

bra on hydrant.jpg

Or Steampunk fuel tanks? Maybe flower petals to park on?

Hope to see you on Wednesday night.

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