Forever Bicycles by Ai Weiwei


A woman looks at Forever Bicycles

Photo: Reuters, Pichi Chuang

Forever bicycles is included in Ai Weiwei’s new exhibit in Taiwan. It’s an incredible, arching layer of a thousand bikes and reflects’s Ai’s perception of the rapid pace of China’s social change.

A man admires the work

Photo: Getty

Another looks on

Photo: Getty

In the few years we’ve ridden in China, we’ve seen massive change, including the bike. This work is like Ai took a bike pile and lifted it up into the ceiling of a fine art gallery where the world’s bicycles are made.

When I saw the One on One bike pile, I thought, at some point that’s going to become self aware and crawl out of this basement and fill the bike lanes of this city.

One on One Bicycle Studio

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