Flickr is Back | We Never Left

It took a new, redesigned app for Flickr to get its mojo back. Day of the app dropping, my inbox lit up with new contacts and activity. Maybe it’s that people remember how great a community Flickr was or they’re super into all the new filters the app has. Whatever the renewed interest is, been there since 06 and have published almost daily with 13K photos uploaded. Of those, the most popular are never what you think. Like this joke brake set up Amber did during the Globe launch.

Globe with brake

Awesome front brake setup on a fixed gear

or Drunk, No Makeup, Riding to work


Asked before taking that photo

and the Bettie


For reasons I don’t understand, men in tights is popular too. We’ll keep right on publishing to Flickr, never left, but did notice the decline. At times it drove crazy traffic and had a very strong community. We hope it’s back for good.

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