fizik Vento Argo X1

fizik Vento Argo X1

fizik Vento Argo X1 launched earlier this year and with the atmospheric river over, I put in on my gravel bike. Been riding it ever since. The Vento Argo X1 has been meticulously engineered for off-road racing, enhancing stability and support on demanding XC trails with its shortened nose and rounded contours. The design elements facilitate aggressive riding positions, ideal for both cyclocross and gravel. It works perfectly on my Open that spends most of its time off-road.

VENTO-ARGO-X1-150 after a ride
VENTO-ARGO-X1-150 after a ride

The Vento Argo X1 boasts a low-profile design, characterized by a seamless transition from nose to wing, ensuring efficient pedaling in any position. Its wider nose provides riders with a secure grip during steep ascents while allowing them to generate maximum power on descents, all while maintaining comfort.

Moreover, when the seatpost is lowered on singletrack, the saddle acts like a control device. Its rounded contours facilitate smooth and rapid leg movement, aiding riders in staying on track with ease. If you steer your bike from the rear as well as the front, this saddle was designed for you.

A New Era of Comfort

VENTO ARGO X1 short nose.
VENTO ARGO X1 short nose.

The Vento Argo X1 is also shaped around an enhanced ergonomic cut-out that alleviates pressure on sensitive areas during long rides. Adding to its functionality, a rubber layer situated at the bottom of the cut-out serves as a mud flap for dirt and spray encountered on unpaved roads.

The Argo saddle exhibits just the right amount of flexibility to absorb the impact of smaller bumps and washboards, enhancing the overall riding experience. This saddle, much like the latest shoes from Bontrager, marks a new era of comfort. Gone are the days when saddles and shoes had to be broken in, often causing discomfort initially. Today’s product designers recognize the importance of rider comfort, understanding that a more comfortable rider is capable of riding longer and faster.

fizik Vento Argo X1 Specifications:

Size 150 mm

  • Length: 265 mm
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Height at 75mm width: 45 mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 120 mm
  • Weight: 199 g
  • Rail: 7×9 mm
  • MSRP $209.99

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