fi’zi:k Gravel Night

fi’zi:k Gravel Night

fi’zi:k Gravel Night is an in-depth discussion of all things offroad. If you’re already thinking about spring and getting some good rides in, the engaging conversation about the future of all-road riding and racing with two athletes who truly embody the spirit of the sport should interest you.

fi’zi:k Gravel Night happens on Wednesday 2 March at 9pm (CET). Lachlan Morton and Nathan Haas will tell stories of their own journey along a road less travelled. Also, they’ll share what it means for them to be part of the family supported by fi’zi:k.

We can’t wait for another gravel ride on the Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail (formerly the Iron Horse.) The last time I rode it was in December and did so on my new fat bike.

I rode through an atmospheric river to the middle of a lake. That was the first, very wet ride on my new fat bike. Old-growth stumps still stand from a forest cleared long ago. Warm temperatures have drawn down the water. I carefully picked a line back to the trail, rolling over rocks, streamlets, and roots in the exposed miles of mudflats.

To learn more about fi’zi:k’s gravel range, click on this link.

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