Fizik 3mm Bar Wrap

Fizik 3mm tape

New for 2013, Fizik introduces a 3mm padded and stitched version of their microfibre handlebar wrap. A blue layer of high density foam has been added to the backside of the wrap, and the stitching adds a ribbed texture to the tape for better grip. The 3mm wrap somewhat resembles the older Dual Tape (now being phased out), but is softer and monochromatic with embossed logos. The 3mm will be available in most of the regular Fizik colours as well as an all-new orange (a hue hereto sadly neglected by Fizik).

I’ve been riding the 3mm for about a month now. On a 1 to 10 scale, I’d rate the 3mm Fizik a 7 in terms of installation difficulty. The materials are very tough so there’s no risk of it tearing, but it takes a little technique and constant pressure to get the tape to wind evenly and smoothly around a handlebar. Once on the bar, the 3mm tape offers a level of cushioning similar to a typical foam ribbon but with more texture, and like all Fizik tapes it has superior abrasion resistance and cleans up well.

Available soon, about $25 retail.

Fizik 3mm bar tape

Fizik 3mm tape

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