Fixie Bling

Zannestar tipped us to the Buddha to Buddha Studio Raar fixie with leather, sterling silver, funky-chunky-monkey stem, and mirror-finished disc wheel. Will the future owner of this bike please ride it through downtown Pittsburgh to a bike polo championship. Then look up the Urban Velo guys and tell ‘em we sent you.


We expect more fashion bikes once other retailers realize Urban Outfitters is selling a fixie to the city-dwelling masses. We’ve also had a butterfly bike and a leather bike with steampunk-style, bespoke craftsmanship.


Those convinced that fixed has jumped the shark, it’s worldwide yes, we’re all for the growth and popularity of cycling. Where minimalism and simplicity of a fixed gear gets turned into fashion bling, we’ll leave that to the pop culture critics to decide if it’s cool.

Just this week, Pam returned from vacation in Sitka with news that she spotted two fixies. Sitka is an Alaskan Archipelago with 13 miles of road.

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