Fixed Gear Trends: Looks Cool

A Sole bicycles in the window at Charley+May in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Charley’s is a gift gallery “celebrating modern design for you and your home.” They’ve sold half a dozen and stocked them cause the owner thought they looked cool.

sole 1

How much is that fixie in the window?

I spotted the Sole’s on a ride I do midweek in Seattle.

sole 2

Couple of fixies and a pig

Meanwhile at the PSFK Conference a single-speed belt drive with a handlebar that flips sideways wows the crowd. Graham Hill says he designed it for Schindelhauer and it’s a folding bike. Speed lifters have solved the “awkward in a hall” problem for years in Europe, but the audience doesn’t know that or that they bike isn’t actually folding.

They just think the bike looks cool, like the buyer for Charley+May does.

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