Fixed and Reworked at 37 Signals

Visited 37 Signals new offices in Chicago and what do I find besides the Rework Movement, a fixie


The owner’s reflection is in the far window and another example of how prevalent the bike is in the web community.


I’ve known Jason for years and we first met when he was just getting real. If you watch Project Runway, you’ll hear the recurring theme of, “stay true to your aesthetic, what you believe in, your vision.” Jason built a business and a following doing just that. Rework is his best-selling book written with David-Heinemeier-Hansson.

The bike industry could get reworked several times over starting today. Would like to see more crossover from web entrepreneurs like Jason at the headquarters of the big companies and the offices of the small ones. Bike shops too. Guys like Jason ride bikes.

Bike builders could run their businesses like he does.

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