First Shots: FUJIFILM XT-2

A demo XT-2 arrived yesterday and I took it to Rob’s retirement party…here are the first shots.


Rob isn’t at retirement age, probably feels like it though, he’s just leaving the bar business after putting in 12 years at Bevridge Place. Rob is credited with “beer event nights,” like Hoptoberfest, and that cheery smile.

Hoppy-ass beer

In July, FUJIFILM launched the XT-2. That’s their second flagship, next to the X-Pro2, and styled more like a traditional DSLR, instead of a rangefinder. I shot with a preproduction XT-2 during a media event in Seattle, and shared that story on Medium and Apple News.

In our ongoing quest to take better photos with less weight, the X-T2 on paper looks like it’ll deliver what FUJIFILM is best known for: outstanding image quality and premium, compact hardware. Once I shoot more with the production X-T2, will share more of my thoughts, and sample photos.

Will it replace what’s in our bike bags now from Sony? I’ll let you know that too.

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