Fendi Bike and more Velocouture

The fashion blogs lit up like blinky lights this Spring when Fendi featured the Abici Amante Donna bike in their Craft Punk event and later at a in-store cocktail party.


Like I was saying during my Bike Culture preso @gnomedex, that’s a whole other thing: velocouture. The Fendi bike was featured in Vogue, Womens Wear Daily and again this week when they released more photos.

model_bike.jpg Where some would be quick to diss a 9K bike, we’re all for it because bikes transcend sharrows, alley cats, parking lot crits, and are smack dab in the middle of pop culture. Chanel has offered a bike, DKNY, and earlier this year there was a FIT fashion contest.

Bikes as accessories to a fashionista lifestyle? Sure, why not? We recently posted on a carbon, belt-drive single speed, the unbranded and confusing NADA Bike, and Core77’s designer bike debuted at Apple Stores in New York. Also see Urban Outfitter’s bike, Cigno, and cycling gear at TopShop.


We’ve said it before and hope to see a bike-related Project Runway challenge – take a $100.00 and make a fashionable bike from a thrift store.


Agyness Deyn photo Pacific Coast News.

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