Fav Covers on a Tee


My fav cover on a tee is from issue #1, celebrating the love of bicycles and the freedom they represent. It was designed by Chris Mahan about 3 years ago when the magazine launched. And, is now available on-demand and shipped for free with Prime from Amazon. The cover tees are available in men’s and women’s sizing and in a variety of colors for $19.99. You can also purchase our logo on a tee too.


Issue 40

39 issues after the 1st, the 40th cover dropped this week with another great cover by Phil Booth. He illustrated how we gamble when we ride and with a nod to our Interbike coverage.


Issue 40 has 13 articles and you can read the featured article for free on Medium, iTunes, or the Web. It’s about a ride last weekend in the Methow Valley, where it’s very meadowy, and I made a random choice to climb up a misty ridge.

Next month, expect another cover from us and our continued take on the cycling lifestyle.

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