Fan Boys and Knee Highs

Took a break from the bike to attend a Trail Blazers game courtesy of our friends at Alaska Airlines and Kimpton Hotels.  


Knee highs

Sat next to a couple of Fan Boys, the cheerleaders wore knee highs, fans ate pizza by the slice, and the messed up Regurgi-cam was shown.

As I wrote on Twitter,

There’s no love for the @lakers in this house. @PDXtrailblazers must beat them. It’s part of their psyche.

If you showed your support for the Lakers, the guys in the booth shamed you on the Jumbotron with unflattering images, like how you eat, replayed backwards. 

Also saw an altercation with a Lakers fan in a Kobe jersey, but the crowd shut that down quick. 

Didn’t have a lens to reach the floor from the Club Level, but we had fun and enjoyed the game.


The Blazers won and that’s a good thing, cause a #ripcity riot may have broken out if they didn’t. 

Also thanks to @mzsitka for arranging the trip.

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