Factor Launches Vista

At the last PressCamp, I met Factor and they indicated this bike was being developed. Now the Vista has launched, it should interest those into high performance on any road.

Factor uses much marketing language in the press release to describe their tuned ride concept and what you need to know is they released an aero road bike with room for a 35mm tire. And, the layup dampens vibration.

The Vista ticks off a checklist of high-end road features like an integrated bar and suspension seat post. Curiously, Factor didn’t drop the chainstay to also fit 650b tires for riding road bikes on dirt.

Like the Open and Exploro, the Vista comes in several paint flavors to best express your individuality. For 1x, the front shifter mount is removable. Where Factor wins with their design is integrated fender mounts, a feature Open and 3T ignore.

As Mark V has written about extensively, it’s outright engineering negligence to not include fenders on a do-everything bike; especially, in the Pacific Northwest.

Available tomorrow at all official Factor retail partners, Vista comes in two flavors: Stone Grey and CHPT3’s Devesa. The Vista starts at USD 4,799/GBP 3,750/EUR 4,690 (RRP) for the chassis option.

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