F5 Bike To Work Day

Despite dodgy weather, Cascade Bicycle Club hosted another successful Bike To Work Day here in Seattle. Sponsored by Seattle-based F5, Cascade staff and volunteers manned numerous “commute stations” along popular cycling corridors and provided refreshments and mechanical help to enthusiastic cycling participants.

BTW 3.jpg

Today is the big push for two-wheeled transportation, but remember the whole of May is Bike To Work Month. Technically speaking, I might not have ever participated in BTW Day. The last several years my work schedule hasn’t included Friday, so I haven’t ridden to work. Of course, I don’t own a car, so for me it’s kinda been “bike to work decade”, but with BTW Month in the bloom of spring, hopefully more people can initiate a change to include cycling as part of their daily transportation.

BTW 1.jpg

Of course, once you ride “to” work, what are you gonna do after you punch out at the end of your work day? Why don’t you come to the Cascade BTW After Party in Ballard? There will be venders there to show off cycling products, pizza, and beer from New Belgium Brewery! Tonight 4-7PM !

BTW 2.jpg

Alchemy Goods will be at the after party to help you create your own accessories from recycled cycling products. A fun example are these handlebar-mounted flower holsters.

BTW 4.jpg

I caught up with Cascade people after the morning’s event, and they reminded me that a lot of businesses in Seattle have internal competitions to establish who bikes the most. I’m told that Cascade has rigid rules about what counts as “riding to work”. Also a friend of mine told me that her office had expanded their competition to include other forms of alternative transportation, with weighted values. I think that kayaking had the highest weighted value.

How are you guys out there doing for BTW Month? BTW 5.jpg

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