EWR to PDX and I’m in


Along with the BikeHugger crew, I’m in Portland for the Mobile Social, and while I’m looking forward to riding it, meeting Hugger readers and giving away prizes (I’ve been told I might be doing the raffle), I’m equally excited for the next few days of riding.

I arrived in Portland last night and set up my trusty Bike Friday, after a walkabout looking for an 8mm Allen for my pedals (thanks to Waterfront Bicycles at 10 SW Ash for giving me a 6mm to 8mm adapter so I didn’t need to buy a $40 wrench) I’m all ready for a week of riding and I couldn’t be happier.

Last night I remembered why I like Portland so much as I came across the carnival being set up by the river, without a soul paying any attention to it. Rows after rows of amusements and vendors waiting to open on Friday, but not a local in the park.

Now I’m going to head up to the hills (after some Stumptown coffee) and stretch my legs before coming back to ride over and be mobile-social.

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