Olympian Bikes Beijing

Every 4 years, I’m reminded why I don’t watch much of NBC’s Olympic Coverage and that’s because they mostly just cover swimming, for some reason synchronized diving, more swimming, gymnastics, and this year 24 hours of Phelps. That being said, it was cool to see Tom Brokaw riding around Beijing on a Flying Pigeon earlier this week and today the NYT reports on a ride with Olympian Jason McCartney.


As our readers know, we rode all over Beijing, and for us it wasn’t scary at all. Millions of people do it everyday. But it ain’t no lazy bike path and you’ve really got to just go with the flow. Also, with the pollution controls in place and traffic limited, Olympic visitors are riding in less than 1/2 the traffic we did.

Coincidentally, Jason is riding the same bike our colleague Bryan bought and rode during our stay.

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