Euro Asia Imports sells candy

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For all the European-branded carbon fiber on display at Interbike, a visit to Euro Asia Imports’ modest booth is an absolute must for me. Why? Because the La Crescenta CA distributor has consistently been a source of the best Japan-sourced track cycling goods. Before the current fashions within cycling made the “NJS” stamp as fetishist’s obsession, EAI was a place where a bike shop could order the real deal Japanese keirin equipment. They carry well-known brands like Nitto and Sugino, as well as Kashimax, MKS, Hatta, and others.

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With the popularity of Japanese track components among the urban fixie crowd, the manufacturers have begun to cater to these new customers’ more flamboyant tastes. Now Nitto offers many of their traditional handlebars and forged components in wild anodized colors, as well as creating some designs like straight handlebars specifically for the urban market. One can also get Sugino’s solid quality track cranks in a range of colors.

In addition to Japan’s finest track goods, Euro Asia Imports offers their own house brand of components, which give away nothing to any other brand in terms of quality. In fact, EAI’s Gold Medal ultra-premium track cogs are just about too beautiful to look at. Heat treatments, special surface hardening methods, and meticulous polishing create jewels that seem too good for run a chain on, but that hasn’t stopped champion cyclists from using them to win at the world-class level.

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