Ephemeral Chains and 11-speed

So the first batch of Campag 11-speed drivetrains are coming back in the shop for maintenance, and I have to say that chain life is underwhelming. People are getting 1500-2000 miles on these chains under relatively good conditions (not wet and gritty). I have yet to hear people clamoring for one more cog than 10, so I can’t really say that this is a step forward. I like the ergonomics of the new levers but an $80 chain lasts as long as an 8-ball of coke split between Tom Boonen and Lindsay Lohan. And you don’t want to let a bad chain ruin those cassettes, since those haven’t gotten any cheaper either.

You readers out there with 11-speed, how much mileage are you getting out of your chains?

chorus chain.jpg

photo from Bike Radar

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