Endure: Ballet in the Mud


Cross Natz last year

In the Cyclocross community, CX Nats was legend. Tales of the conditions, the suffering, and the failure of equipment are still being talked about. Chandler called me from the course and I insisted he write down what he was saying about disc brakes failing in the silty mud. He did and I posted it as A Fistful of Disc Brakes.

Next week a book about the race is being published with the proceeds benefiting the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation. The book includes interviews with Katie Compton, Tim Johnson, and this quote from Don Myrah, a reigning cyclocross Master’s world champion and 1996 Atlanta Olympic mountain bike racer…

Cyclocross has always been my favorite discipline of cycling. It’s racing in its truest form: rugged, elbow to elbow and the strongest guy usually wins. At the end of my pro career I had stopped riding for about ten years, busy with the job, kids and life. It was cyclocross that got me back riding again. I enjoy the unpredictable nature of the sport and the fact that you feel like you’re racing for the full hour.

I raced with Don at CX Worlds in Louisville in equally nasty conditions. I wrote about that race here and for Wired.

Pre-order Endure: Ballet in the Mud for $35.00. Next week in Madison, WI, the book launches. Here’s a making of video about it.

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