Electric Carbon Bike Attacks Tokyo

AkihabraNews.com, which covers all things related to the Japanese electronics district of Akihabra has information about a bike that we think would be a game-changer here in the states.


Photo: Akihabaranews.com

Carbon fiber and an electric assist motor, the Sanyo bike is under the Eneloop brand (someone should really give a translation-hand to Japanese companies) the bike, according to the article, is two-wheel drive. I’m not sure that’s accurate–I don’t see how that front hub could provide the torque to do what the rear chain drive is doing, but it does seem that the front hub provides things like traction control through a (very small) motor. There are several different riding modes all managed through a backlit LCD controller.

The lithium-ion power source and drive system looks much smaller than things we’re used to seeing, and the fact that they decided to pack this into a carbon bike is astounding.

A second bike from the company lacks the carbon construction and front wheel drive, but has the benefit of being foldable.

No word on pricing and whether the bike will be coming to the states, but this is the kind of thing that could change a lot of commutes.

Hat tip to Abio Bikes.

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