EcoHelmet Wins Dyson Award

A folding, paper helmet won the prestigious Dyson Award. Intended for bike shares and travel, the EcoHelmet is constructed from waterproofed recycled paper in a radial honeycomb pattern and folds flat for easy vending. It fits most head sizes and the inventor claims it absorbs impact as well as polystyrene. It’s also disposable with a expected short life, if tossed in a bag, or banged around on a bike rack. It’ll cost less than $5.00.

The inventor, Brooklyn-based Isis Shiffer, will use the money from Dyson—£30,000—to bring the concept to market and for certification. Folding helmets exist now, like the Pango, but none are sold in the States because they don’t meet the standards. Isis told the BBC that a paper helmet is a “tough sell.” It also looks totally dorky.

With backing and certification, we could see the helmet used by bike shares and travelers. In the rainy parts of the world, the EcoHelmet is coated with a rain-resistant material that’ll last for a few hours. As smart as the design is, do NOT want soggy cardboard on my head.

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