E-Bike Folder in Taiwan: “smofo”

I spotted this electric-assist folding bike on the way to Taitung County. The bike was part of an organized ride along the Pacific coast; the riders had stopped at the same reststop/souvenir shop as our bus.

electric folder smofo 01.jpg

I couldn’t figure out if the bike was made by a company called “JCE” or “ICE”…either seemed plausible. But we liked the “smofo” logo on the top tube. Either way, the bike had a powered rear hub and housed the battery in the forward portion of the folding boom. The rear brake was a mechanical disc while the front used a linear-pull canti.

electric folder smofo 03.jpg

smofo….how does one pronouce that? Like “smo-fo” or “es-mofo”? I mean, the correct way to pronounce the maker of the Red premium road racing components is called “sram”, not “Es-ram”.

electric folder smofo 02.jpg

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