Dopers in the Hills

The bike is always interesting. Doesn’t matter if you’re riding, in a bike shop, or standing on a corner at the bottom of a hill with a stop/slow sign. As I wrote earlier, we spent at day at the Olympic View Road Race. In the morning, I corner marshalled turn 4 (directing traffic to protect the peloton).

downhill 003.jpg

Bottom of a s-turn hill with a 180-degree turn.

While standing around waiting for the races to come through, a local approached to warn us about the dopers up in the hills on the other side of the course. After he left, a rusty Geo Metro going ludicrous speed turned past us toward the doper hills with a rather nappy-looking dude driving. Presumably he was on an important mission for dope that justified driving an ill-equipped car that fast.

sign 002.jpg

Lots of time waiting for bike racers and and considering various holding angles for the stop/slow sign.

Later, off the corner and warming up for my race, a car tumbled out of the those same hills driven by the most dopingest motherfuckas I’ve ever seen. They whooped and hollered at us, one without teeth, and reeked of weed. It was like a Hillbilly version of Cheech and Chong and there we were dressed like superhero cyclists in our race kits.

Funny for us and surely much funnier for them.

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