Don’t Steal Wobble Bike Bro!

From the ever-growing Don’t Steal Bikes Bro category, we’ve got the Wobble Bike.

The thief likely thought it was broken, confused his fellow bike-stealin’ bros and the pawn shop was like, “uhm what’s this.” Unintentional humor in the news report includes the caption

DISTINCTIVE: The wobble bike

The bike bends in the middle and it is not really meant for the daily commute as the front fork has been turned around.

wobbike Bike

So if you see a Chav trying to ride this, call a Bobbie! The bike was bought by Cycling England, which gives the council funding for Cycle Cambridge. It cost £50 and joking aside, they use it a cycling events to get kids interested in the bike.

Mayor’s Wife!

Also, don’t steal a bike from the Mayor’s Wife, Bro.

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