Don’t Steal Bikes, Bro

In the tradition of “Don’t Taze me bro!” we now have “Don’t steal bikes, Bro!” in a video that seems to have been shot in NYC during the confrontation that followed a bike theft stopped in progress. (Ah, citizen journalism.)

Based on the restaurant banner outside the scene of a part of the beat-down this happened on the corner of 1st and Houston in NYC, an area with a good amount of bikes locked to utility poles and street signs during the day.

Things of interest to me in this video include the super-awkward looking helmet on the would-be thief (and the fact that it absorbed a blow hockey-mask style–who says helmets aren’t safe) and the Ultimate Fighter stance of the guy doing the main ass-kicking.

As much as I decry violence as a paradigm for localized behavior correction, I’ve had my stuff stolen before and a little teeny bit of me cherishes the can of whoop ass unleashed on the criminal.

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