Does This Custom Bike Come With Diapers?

Bike Hugger’s good friends over at Sweetpea Bicycles have a brand new model. Her name is Inga, and she’s beautiful. Inga, the newest sweetpea.

Personally, I feel like I helped out in creating a new awesome person—Nathalie, the owner/frame builder/designer/mastermind of Sweetpea and I had a very long conversation about babies when I went out to Portland to pick up my wife’s Sweetpea and to run a MobileSocial. I’d been hesitant to have kids until I hit 40 and then fell in love with the idea, and Nat and I talked for more than an hour about outlooks on parenting. Nine months later, brand new baby girl. I’m looking forward to a Sweetpea model named the Uncle David.

This baby has a 100% chance of growing up on a bike and I’ve got some pretty funny images of her sitting in a Bumbo with a little welding mask while her mommy arc welds nearby.

Congrats to the new family from Bike Hugger.

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