Dinner with Tom Douglas

Enjoyed dinner with our friends from the Hotel Andra last night at Tom Douglas’ house in Seattle.


Tom and Jackie Cross Cooking

We ate salad with crab, pumpkin soup with roasted pecans, broiled halibut with lentils, hickoy-smoked beef, and the signature dessert from Seatown.


Jackie Entertaining

The vegetables were from Jackie’s family farm, including some really good potatoes. We just met Tom and Jackie, but think maybe she runs the show.

After dinner, Tom opened the Johnnie Walker Blue Label and we talked about being parents, the economy, and his new Kindle books on Amazon.

Tom’s got more restaurants opening soon and I hope we meet again. He seems to have just hit his stride. Thanks for welcoming us and the good food. Thanks to Hotel Andra too.

Note: I’m riding later today, so it’s good I went easy on the Scotch.

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