Derailer Update(s)

Eric replaced the mangled derailer since the last ride. Then for most of the ride we debated whether or not it was a different dye lot than the crank. It didn’t look like the same finish at all. It had less champagne sheen and more dull like the older 105.

Derailer Update

In the future, Eric may not have to worry about his derailers so much if PowerCordz Infinity Drive goes into production. It’s a bottom-bracket CVT v. a hub CVT like the Nuvinci. Also see the Schlumpf and Hammer Schmidt. The Infintiy drive is promising a wider range of gears.

Having spent much time riding a Nuvinci, infinite gear ratios means, “as far as you can twist the shifter back and forth.” That means low, medium, high with no discernible diffference between a millimeter twist back and forth. Sure, they may offer more range, but it’s not like you’re going to hit ludicrous speed on the flats with that bottom bracket.


Via BizBiz.

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