Delta Lie Flat Seats

blue seat

Well-lit, modern, industrial design

Delta showed us their new, lie flat seats last night. The Business Elite seats will roll out to all international flights by 2013. Including Seattle, the seats are now on 40% of all flights.

seat pocket

Seat pocket

As a traveler, this is good news and a welcome update. Flights to Asia and Europe on a 767 usually mean a night of sliding down the seat or trying to prop yourself up. The seat also includes a new pop-out tray and personal video. It doesn’t have much storage and is slimmer than the currents seats. I noticed the snug fit right away, but will take the flatness over more room.

Lying flat is fun!

Delta cabin crew and their passengers we’re also happy to see the new seats. Watch the video for how the seats work and how flat they get.

Of course, I dropped a sample of Mr. Oizo’s Flat Beat onto the soundtrack. Also see the outstanding food the Fairmont Seattle served at the event.

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