Davidson S&S BMX: armed and fully operational


Here are the first shots of the S&S BMX from Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles. This is a titanium frame with chromoly steel fork, S&S couplings, a rear derailleur, and disc brakes. The concept is that a BMX is the most fun way to get around short distances and in the cramped quarters of the urban environment, where cars, pedestrians, and random infrastructure hamper the freedom of a road bike or fixed gear. The only thing about a BMX bike is that once you can get a straight shot at open pavement, you spin out of the low-ish single speed gear. But if you add a derailleur…well, then it’s like adding booster rockets to get you to orbital altitude. And if such a bike would be fun in on the streets that my front opens onto, then they would really be fun when I explore other cities.


The bike has SLX disc hubs, an XTR 140mm disc rotor, Shimano mechanical disc brake, right side XT M770 dual control lever, Saint short cage rear derailleur, Thomson stem, Snafu Sissybar handlebar, DA 7700 cranks, and a modified Drive Lite fork.

Actually I rode the bike around Seattle for a couple weeks before I left for Las Vegas. After the first week, I had managed to tweak my right shoulder from relearning how to bunny hop without clipless pedals.

The bike worked great in Vegas since the small wheels are ideal for working your way through the crowded sidewalks. Now I’m in Taiwan with the bike, having opted to use the bike for the organized rides on this cultural and cycling tour of the ROC. I think about two hours straight would be the max that I would care to grind away on a road with this bike, but it would easy work of the road around Sun Moon Lake. The descents were a little hairy though, as the pavement was wet and me not being totaly dialed in on the bike.

More later….until then here are some shots of the bike in Seattle.

IMG_8570.jpgIMG_8548.jpgIMG_8544.jpgIMG_8554.jpgD bmx 3:4 view.jpg shifter on BMX.jpg

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