Davidson MkV

I’ve been pretty busy at the shop lately…fueled by rudely loud music and sugar-free Rockstar, there have been days that for 9hrs I didn’t sit down at the bike shop except to build wheels at the truing stand or scarf a slice of pizza…one of those tasks was a scant 10 minutes interrupted by an idiotic phone call. Nothing I hate more than price check questions coming between me and molten mozzarella.

So forgive me if I’ve been a bit slow to trot out the bike porn:

Davidson MkV

…and believe me, it’s been a Caligula-esque indulgence of bike parts for me since I got back from Taiwan. I’ve almost disciplined my time management to the point of getting this stuff posted. Figuring prominently is my new Davidson titanium, which I’m calling the “MkV’ since it is the 5th Davidson bike I’ve owned. It’s the most recent example of the “modal” concept…a bike that can go anywhere and be almost any type of bike desired depending on the easily and quickly swapped parts kit. So even though it is just one frame, this bike can be toggled from full road bike to TT bike to road fixie to (fully velodrome-legal) track bike.

ZV-1 Pre-Order

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