Dangerholm’s Hyper Spark Impresses

Dangerholm's Hyper Spark Impresses

Dangerholm’s Hyper Spark impresses because it’s just the kind of bike content I need right now. Thanks SCOTT and to Dangerholm for the pearl-white, fully integrated mountain bike with outstanding attention to detail.

Dangerholm's Hyper Spark Impresses
Dangerholm’s Hyper Spark Impresses

Who needs hypercars if you can have a hyper spark? Inspired by modern road bikes and hypercars alike, Dangerholm set out to apply the same sleek and clean look of these to SCOTT’s full suspension mountain bike the Spark RC.

It's lovely
It’s lovely

The Build

It is built from scratch with some of the industry’s finest parts and technologies, as well as fully integrated cable routing, wrapped into a custom “pearl white” finish. It is not meant to pick up dust in showrooms

With it’s top of the line spec, one-piece Syncros carbon wheels and state-of-the-art world-cup winning carbon bike frame, this bike is meant to be ridden and bound to make it one of the fastest bikes out there.

The Hyper Spark comes with the latest technologies such as SRAM AXS wireless shifting and FOX LiveValve automatic electronic suspension. A lot of modifications, ingenuity and attention to detail were required to complete this ambitious build. A steering stop system was molded onto the SCOTT Spark RC SL frame in order not to damage the internally routed cables, as well as modifications to the handlebars and fork to allow for the custom cable routing. All heavily reinforced with safety in mind, and endless hours spent on creating a perfect finish for the end result.

The hyper car inspiration wasn’t all about looks, performance was key. No stone was left unturned here, so from full carbon wheels and ceramic bearings to the latest suspension technology – every single component is chosen for speed and top performance. A dream spec to say the least.


Dangerholm’s Hyper Spark impresses and it certainly caught my attention. Read more about it here.

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